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About the Library

How to Contact Us
Find the library’s phone number or fill out an online form.

Library Policies 
Library Rules of Conduct, Computer Use Policy, Strategic Plan, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Answers to your questions about the library.

Mission Statement
A statement of the library’s purpose.

Annual Reports
Annual Report documents from the Allegany County Library System.

Gifts, Donations and Memorials
Donating a book is a great way to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, graduation or any special occasion and benefit the entire community.  Each Item purchased with your donation will include a plaque commemorating your special occasion.  The Allegany County Library System is a 501(c)3 registered charitable organization, so your donations are tax deductible.  Donations can also be made to honor and mark the life of a significant person in your life.

Reasonable Accommodation Request
The library provides reasonable accommodations by request for physical access, communications or other needs to ensure services, activities, and programs are available to people with disabilities.  For the purpose of this form, accommodation requests will be considered for persons who have disabilities that are expected to last at least six months.